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Sarah Haywood LLB(Hons)

Estate Planning Consultant

With over 13 years experience in this industry, I have visited many different families with differing circumstances. Whilst some are relatively straightforward, there are many that are made up of two or three families that have come together as people have separated and remarried. There are others who have lost loved ones and are finding it hard to cope without them. 



Having experienced divorce personally and through my parents, I understand the emotions that run through a family and how it affects the children and partners. I have seen how it causes families to fall apart and never return to a family unit again. This can be painful and often causes emotional responses that can cause even more hurt on the death of a loved one.

I have also experienced what it is like to lose a younger sibling and the heartache it causes, especially their parents who never imagined having to bury their child and the emotions felt by their own children left behind at a young age. 

I have seen how important Lasting Powers of Attorney are through listening to clients and their stories and experiencing my own dad's struggle with Alzheimer's and how it is affecting his life.

It is through these real life experiences that I am able to empathise with families when putting their Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney in place and to listen carefully to their needs and how best to address them in a way that causes the least amount of upset within the family.

It gives me great satisfaction to see families getting a heartfelt service that brings them the solutions they deserve and treats them as human beings who have gone through and are going through real life challenges.

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Mission Statement

Our aim is to provide you and your family with a high quality, friendly, informative service, that leaves you feeling confident in the estate planning you put in place. 

We will approach your planning with the honesty and integrity it deserves, giving you clarity of mind to consider what route works best for you when protecting assets.

We will help you to understand inheritance tax and how gifting during your lifetime can make your estate more tax efficient. 


It will be a delight to talk with you about your estate and help you look after your loved ones.

Mobile: 07354 849233

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