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Welcome to Dragonfly Wills and
Estate Planning

At Dragonfly Wills and Estate Planning, it is important to us to provide a friendly, professional, informed, heartfelt and trustworthy service to all of our clients. We take the time to listen to your story and see what estate planning best fits your personal circumstances. 

The Dragonfly signifies the transformation of a loved one’s soul from physical manifestation to spirit. In other cultures, it is a symbol of good luck and prosperity. This makes it the perfect mascot to help you and your family take the journey of looking at what happens to your assets when you are no longer here.


At Dragonfly Wills, we are conscious that the ‘sometimes complex’ nature of relationships within families can evoke uncomfortable emotions. We recognise that each family member is an individual with differing needs and will always advise accordingly. Writing a Will can be very daunting, especially where there are complicated circumstances. 

It is our aim to make this process as comfortable as possible, and allow for emotions that may arise as you face some deep soul searching questions about what happens when you are no longer here. Being human is not always easy when you know one day your life will end but when you talk through this with someone who has taken the time to understand the deep emotional aspect of life, it can help to make the process much more comforting and approachable.  


Take the journey with us and we hope it will leave you with peace of mind knowing that all your affairs are in order so that you can get on and enjoy your life. 

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A Will is an expression of your wishes.

If you are cohabiting, the Law of Intestacy completely ignores your partner. If you die leaving young children, a Will is the only place you can name Guardians to look after them if anything happens to you. If you don't, the Government will make the choice for you.



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78% of people in the UK haven't yet registered their Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs). Life can change in a moment. These are not just for when you get old. What if you have an accident or illness and lose the ability to make decisions for yourself? Who will take care of you?



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Free Consultation to see how important LPAs are for you and your family


At least 59% of people in the UK have not considered estate planning as important. Asset Protection, Inheritance Tax and Gifting can be very daunting. Talking through your estate and looking at some of the options you can consider, can really help you to decide on the solutions that best suit you and your family. Every family is different. One plan doesn't fit all. 


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